Does stress do any good?

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Read this article to understand how stress silently poisons your physical and mental wellbeing. Read further to understand how to manage stress.



 “Stress doesn’t only make you pathetic about life, it elevates any health risks you think of” says,Jay Winner, MD, author of Take the Stress out of Your Life and director of the Stress Management Program for Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara.


Stress itself is sickening so if you think, stress would gain you anything – think again! Medical discoveries have always proven that stress could increase health risks like obesity, asthma, alzheimer, depression & anxiety, chronic heart diseases, gastrointestinal problems etc.


Here’s a sampling about stress management and how it chronically affects your health. Stress could significantly increase, trigger or speed up health risks, but the list below will have you lower stress and in turn lowers health risks.


Heart disease

Research shows stress directly affects heart; it affects working efficiency and instigates related issues. However, researchers still say, we have no directly clue about how stress crumble down the entire body process, but it definitely increases heart rate, blood flow, the release of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood stream.


People with severe epilepsy or cardiac problems must avoid acute stress to avoid any life-threatening situation. Doctors say, Stress acts according to issues like smoking, drinking and unhealthy obesity. It is inter-linked and behaves in proportionality.



Asthma is an illness that varies on different factors. Studies show that stress could trigger as well as worsen asthma, in fact, stress during pregnancy or parent’s chronic stress could develop asthma in their children. Children with stressed parental stress have higher risks of developing illnesses like stress, asthma, depression etc.



Excess of belly fat shows you’re inclining towards health risks. Gaining fats on the legs and hips is no sign to stress, whereas increased stress releases hormone cortisol that helps in accumulating fats in the lower abdomen. Thus obesity is not about increased body size but unhealthy fats. Beware if you are putting too much on your abdomen.



Diabetic patients usually have short temperaments and it gets worst if stress is there. Diabetic patients, who suffer from stress are short tempered and have bad eat or drinking habits. This later led them to diabetes level 2 or chronic diabetes. Increased diabetes in women leads to severe other problems like urinary incontinence, aggression etc.



When it about headaches, it means oxygen not being transported to all parts of the brain. Stress causes blood streams to get tensed and shrink that triggers migraines or headaches.


Gastrointestinal problems

It is often believed that stress causes ulcers, however it is one thing that stress doesn’t do. It can worsen existing symptoms of ulcers but it doesn’t trigger or cause root to it. Stress is one of the common factors in many other GI conditions, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease or chronic heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.


Alzheimer's disease

Stress can destroy nervous control and having alzheimer’s at the same time could cause rapid brain lesions. Research says, reducing stress is equivalent to reducing the progression of the illness Alzheimer.


Friendly Note:

Above are a few illnesses that are easily triggered by stress, and in turn your reason for stress remains there. In short, stress gains you nothing in fact, it adds on to your problem list. The best way to manage stress is to indulge in extracurricular activities like gymming, swimming, clubbing, thus, cut down stress and concentrate on your health and beauty tips, remember health is the biggest wealth (Get more info here).  

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