An Apartment or a Villa! What People in Dubai Prefer More?

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An Apartment or a Villa! What People in Dubai Prefer More?

Though it totally depends on personal preference and affordability, choosing between an apartment and villa can take time as both options are good in their own way! Dubai property market has always been on upward curve except for the economic crises a few years back. Even then, cost was higher than anticipated as said by investors and property evaluators. For how long this fluctuation would continue can’t be predicted yet there’re ways to continue this sentiment, at-least from short to medium term.


Massive development and expansion of outstanding hotels, resorts, retail and leisure infrastructure has marked the city a major tourist destination. Fun and entertainment aside, it’s also an embryonic corporate hub with both local and foreign industries spread across the land. So when you’re choosing between an apartment and villa, come prepare and determine who you’ll be living with; family, couples or individual! Is it a long, short or medium term investment? What amenities are you open to?



Facilities to Look For


Wherever you prefer to live, look for transportation and ease of accessibility such as Metro or Tram. Are there any retail facilities nearby as obviously you’ll be buying grocery occasionally? What about hospitals and recreational spots to ensure safe and healthy living? These are some other factors to consider before you leap onto a particular real estate. Apartment for sale in Dubai or near other beach spots are always preferred by interested parties however they’re expensive being posh.


Maintenance Considerations


Property maintenance must also be considered as it’s something that eats your profit. Villa homes usually have a garden that’s an additional expense but living in an apartment means you’ll be at the mercy of building owner, agents or developers. Even if you wish to alter the paint or give your room a personal flair requires permission and. Thereby if looking for an apartment, it better be well maintained ensuring value of money.

Factors Leading to Decision Making

Like mentioned earlier, investment and choosing between property types is totally a personal choice, do consider how worthy your deal would come out in time. Buying isn’t always the choice but renting is great as long as you’re just evaluating different sectors of Dubai. Both, lease and sell real estate market has witnessed tremendous growth with Expo 2020 being a catalyst. It’s bringing investors good return that further leads to business stability. Indeed, these are exciting times for all which is why it’s important to make a wise decision, based on each transaction.


The Deciding Moment


Whatever you choose between apartment and villa, it must bring excellent return. When affordability is concerned, apartments are more preferred; a primary choice for expats occupying more than 70 percent of the city. There’re many locations to consider like Jumeirah Beach Residency (JBR) and Dubai Marina mostly for short to medium tenure. Look at the highlighted reasons;


  1. Retail and leisure facilities are rapidly developing in entire Dubai. The Beach by Meraas is an outstanding destination boasting cinemas, food and beverage outlets and lots of shops.
  2. Strip of Dubai Marina and JBR links to Abu Dhabi, making travel easy.
  3. Maktoum International Airport and hosting site to Expo 2020 is also close to both thus paving way for more opportunities




Consider some of the above reasons and decide where and what type of accommodation you seek!

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