How to Get the Best Cell Phone Deals?

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How to Get the Best Cell Phone Deals?

Life without cell phones today is unthinkable. Not anymore it remains a mere device for calls and texts but is a complete on-the-go business package. When shopping for mobile phones, you’ll be overwhelmed with dozens of choices from simple bar-phones having keyboard interface or everyone’s favourite touch screen. Telecommunication industry is highly competitive as both big and small time manufacturing companies are giving each other quite a hard time.


That’s probably the reason you’ll find a new model released every other day and that’s why you may get your hands on the best deal ever. Finally you’re planning to buy the latest smartphone with many interactive apps and features but how to choose from the pool will make your head spin. Think smart; either go for features, looks or simply budget and it’ll definitely help you out. With gazillion phones and hottest deals, here’s what you should do to make it an effective bargain!



Identifying Market Leaders


The first thing you need is to identify market leaders of mobile industry and see if they’ve some deals on old or latest sets. Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Sony are top players followed closely by Blackberry and many others. Though it’s unlikely of these companies to offer low price on their elite products, retailers may offer best bargains and complimentary deals along such as free memory card, a protective cover and connectible accessories. Also identify your needs such as do you crave many features or simple would suffice. Upon realizing the facts, it’s time to head for market or browse consumer websites.


End of the Month Purchase


Though you’ll be short of budget as it’s month’s end, buying a cell phone would get you the cheapest yet amazing set ever. Salesman and companies before releasing a new model are willing to make last minute clearance sale thus meeting their quotas or simply to achieve the breaking point. So, start saving some dough and don’t let go of the opportunity.


A Specific Store


With hundreds of mobile shops, not everyone offer deals and discounts. Take time out to visit different retailers and company outlets as well, ask salesmen about existing bargains. Used cell phones are often resold at below market cost so here’s another choice however, ensure the piece is flawless. Particular stores also sell refurbished sets with full warranty and genuine product at lower cost.


Country Matters!


A country’s economy also plays a crucial role when it comes to product pricing. UAE, being a tax free region and among highly competitive market provides the best deals on electronics and many other consumer goods. While observing the market, you’ll find many international buyers for electronic devices especially mobile and laptops. RakBank Abu Dhabi deals and Dubai deals are best markets where you can get your hands on latest gadget at unimaginable low cost than host countries.


The Business Tycoon Enactment Work Miracles


You may think of it as pure myth, but pretending to be owner of a company or a successful business tycoon would give you greatest discounts and deals. The reason is most businessmen buy multiple sets for their employees and themselves at lower-most price so be subtle and proactive.




A customer must be well behaved while bargaining without getting hyperactive and demanding. Be assertive without undermining respect.

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