Know when the time is right to hire a maid

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Know when the time is right to hire a maid

A maid is part of domestic service provision industry and hired either as part or full-time. Their basic duties include cleaning and maintenance of a home or any particular area designated to. If it’s a trusted cleaning company, you may let them handle the job without being nosy however owner should supervise for best results, especially if it’s the first time. Depending on work hours and location, a maid may chose to accommodate at your place or travel during work hours.

It usually happens that people are reluctant to hire maids being unsure when the right time is! Just in-case you’re having the same difficulty, care to read the post and you’ll have some effective solutions once finished.

When working long hours

Whether a white collar office worker or a diligent mechanic in an auto shop, working long hours drains out energy and enthusiasm to look after your home! Imagine coming back after 12 or 14 continuous working hours only to see a heap of dirty dishes and a stock of smelly clothes in a corner. All of this might give you nausea so to avoid such conditions; go for a full-time house cleaner without further ado!

Simply no DIY cleaning

Everyone is born unique, carrying different talents, strengths and of-course, weaknesses! If cleaning is something you pay a deaf ear to or simply not good at it, call in a maid who’ll simply deal with the mess you created. Meanwhile, it’s possible you spend hours of cleaning only to end in-vain while the dust, dirt, grime and laundry tease you evilly! House maids in Dubai, UAE are fully trained professionals who’d take care of your home just as their own. In a matter of minutes or hours depending on the mess, you’re home will sparkle instilling a sense of freshness and leisure.

When there’s a special occasion

A few homes don’t require regular cleaning and maintenance unless they’re expecting a pool of guests or some grand occasion. House cleaning service here comes to the rescue catering you with timely maid service for a sparkly and fully organised home. Just for once, everyone want their home to be in top condition; spotless and that’s only possible with deep cleaning.

Compute pay rate

Maid salary is computed as per total working hours, type of cleaning, travel time and all. There’re times when you ask for additional chores besides usual cleaning such as grocery shopping, lawn mowing or vacuuming. A maid is likely to charge extra so you should negotiate the pay beforehand thus avoiding unpleasant arguments.

Two hands are better than one

Although, young men and women are there to help their parents, grandparents; it’s tough at-times especially with work routine or strenuous studies. To help your elder with routine house chores, hire professional maid service just like “Dial a Maid (” so your home remains in good hands. Company provides some of the best maids in UAE so you ought to be lucky if present within the region. Fully trained and literate housemaids will surely turn your messy home into a neat and cosy shelter.

Health concerns

It’s possible you’re allergic to cleaning chemicals such as sprays, bleach and mopping solutions. If that’s the case, maid service is the best available option ensuring a clean home with a healthier you!


Life’s getting busier everyday and we barely find time for recreation. Having a cleaning maid at your home relieves half the strain as you don’t have to deal with usual mess after returning hours late. Look around for a professional maid service near you, negotiate the deal and go for it.

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