Benefits to Using a Rental Dry-Foam Cleaning Machine

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Benefits to Using a Rental Dry-Foam Cleaning Machine

Have you ever considered the option of dry foams or a dry-foam cleaning machine for carpet cleaning? It`s basically all the same, but the machine offers a much greater surface coverage and yet that's only a hint of all the advantages. Check out the others:

  1. A rental machine provides the same result like cleaning at home with a crew of professional cleaners. The carpets and the rugs are usually the largest objects at home, and that's why they should be treated very carefully and thoroughly. Instead of hiring a cleaning company to deal with all the carpets and textile floor coverings, you can rent a machine and do everything by yourself. Make sure you know how to use such a machine and which dry compounds are suitable for the specific types of your carpets. Ask the company for advices and discuss the details about the information on the labels of the carpets. Consider explaining the current condition of the carpets and your expectations too.

  1. The dry compounds contain a very small amount of humidity and thus they leave almost completely dry surfaces. This is quite convenient if you want to use the carpets right after the big house cleaning. The fibers are fluffy thanks to the vacuuming power of the machine. There is no waiting time or complementary exercises for finishing the cleaning. However, there is also a chance that some machines can leave a very small amount of moisture into the fibers, as well as residues of the dirt.

  1. Machines of this type provide a multitude of tasks at once. One – they have a brush head, which spreads out the foam evenly onto the treated surface and also scrubs the foam into the fibers. Two – the dry foams attract any dirt and blemishes from the fibers, as well as dissolve and deep clean all the kinds of stains – light ones, heavy ones, big ones or just spills. Three – these machines act as a vacuum cleaner that absorbs all the foams along with the dislodged dirt. All this happens very quickly, which delivers the greater surface coverage when compared to spot cleaning, pre-vacuuming and scrubbing, using a hot water machine or just using the broom. The modern dry-foam cleaning machines have a number of extras too. You can adjust almost everything to clean carpets and rugs with different fibers, sizes and materials. Another great highlight is that they do not require that much power supply, unlike the hot-water machines, which makes them perfect for long uses.

  1. In many cases, the dry foams are much safer than the other types of professional cleaning. Let`s take the hot-water machines, for instance - they use strong detergents and chemical compounds, which can cause discoloration of the fibers, not to mention the humidity left after the treatment. As to the steam-cleaning machines – although the treated surfaces are ready to use immediately after the treatment, the extremely high temperature of the steam is dangerous to some textiles and natural fibers.

  1. The modified dry-foam machines can be used for a number of other objects and surfaces. Almost every type of textile object can be deep cleaned with such a machine. After some adjustments, the dry foams are perfect for tiles, stone surfaces, grout lines, or overall – for places where you want to get rid of the dirt without using water.

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