Tools and Tricks for Cleaning with Homemade Detergents

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Tools and Tricks for Cleaning with Homemade Detergents

Check out these quick and easy tips for home cleaning without using strong professional detergents or professional services of a cleaning company. Although there is nothing to compare with the professional cleaning, you can always try to reach the best result with the following tools and easy tricks.

1 - Spot clean carpets and rugs, instead of cleaning the entire surfaces. You can easily prevent the entire carpet from soaking and dealing with a much heavier object by simply treating only the most affected areas. Another great hint is not letting your floor coverings to get dirty in the first place by regular cleaning that will prevent the building of dust and grime. Start with a thorough inspection of the floor coverings in the entire house and note the locations of the heavily soiled spots. When you know the exact location, number and how dirty the spots are, then you can easily pick the most appropriate domestic detergents. The same applies for upholstered objects, because it is much more convenient to clean only small spots instead of soaking the entire upholstery or even to reupholster it entirely.

2 - Use an old toothbrush and toothpaste for dealing with some small and light spots onto metal parts. From jewelries to different decorative items or even porcelain vases - the toothpaste acts as a very gentle polishing compound. Just make sure not to use it for transparent objects like glass, mirrors and windows, because it has miniature abrasive particles that polish by making tiny almost invisible lines, yet it scratches the surfaces. On the other hand, an old toothbrush can be used as the perfect tool for scrubbing stains and dirt through narrow places and edges, where the usual tools and towels can`t penetrate. Take the grout lines in the kitchen or in the bathroom for instance - the toothbrush is gentle enough not to scratch or damage the tiles, while hard enough to scrub and help you get rid of the dirt along the grout lines. Another great use of the brush is for wiping of dust along the edges or the corners of the tiled floors, for the edges of the kitchen countertop, the vents of electronic devices, etc.

3 - Make yourself different homemade detergents with products that you probably already have on the kitchen shelves. Powder laundry detergent, dish detergent, shampoo and soap are common degreasers that can help you get rid of the most frequent stains. Baking soda, coca cola, salt and white vinegar are recommended when dealing with harder stains like dry ketchup stains, tomato sauce stains and coffee spills. Plus, the juice of a lemon and vinegar are perfect as a deodorizing compound. Overall, there are plenty of opts to use these yet ordinary products as the perfect compounds for domestic cleaning, especially if you make the best combinations for the different stains and surfaces. The best thing is that there is no need to worry about spreading volatile chemical compounds or strong chemical odors.

4 - Wet wipes have another great application as a cleaning material, especially those that contain a small amount of alcohol. The softness of the wipes and the alcohol make a perfect tool for getting rid of light stains from glass objects, porcelain, countertops, wood and furniture or for just about everything with a smooth texture.

5 - Use a metal brush or a stiff grooming brush to get rid of the most persistent stains that are stuck onto the metal objects. Usually they are old, greasy deposits onto the burner grates of the gas stove, on the grit and the shelves for the oven, as well as rusty metal parts and others.

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