How to clean & care for granite kitchen counter-tops?

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How to clean & care for granite kitchen counter-tops?

For those who love watching home-renovation programs usually dream about a fantasy kitchen with a huge and ultra-modern refrigerator, automatic Viking oven, giant kitchen island with copper pots and pans as well as a mile-long countertop. In the real world, having that much space for a countertop is impossible even if yours is a king-size kitchen. Worktop material also counts and is divided into six different types. Check out a brief description of each before we begin discussing the cleaning and care!

- Solid surfaces are either made of polyester, acrylic or a fusion of both. They’re stain and scratch resistant as well as easy to repair.

- Formica or plastic laminate are familiar to all of us. It’s available in many different shades, textures and patterns while the material is durable.

- Ceramic tile; it has currently become out-dated but in the past when seamless worktops were the rage, these were highly in-demand.

- Wood; also become less popular because of false belief that it collects a lot of bacteria. Wooden countertops require extra maintenance and elbow-grease which is why less preferred.

- Concrete is quite identical to natural stone that can be cured and mould at the manufacturer.

- Natural stone is the trendiest among homeowners that includes slate, granite and soapstone.

Cleaning & maintenance of granite countertops

As long as you keep them cleaned, granite is bacteria resistant, long-lasting and shining. Before jumping over to cleaning, always test the product over a discreet area, let it sit overnight to see if there’s any stain or discolouration. Granite is a sturdy and semi-porous stone that need to be sealed properly as uncapped granite absorbs liquid, leaving permanent marks.

Routine cleaning and care is easily accomplished with a simple sponge or soft cloth, water and some mild dishwashing detergent. The secret is to blot up a spill before it turns into a permanent stain but that may be extremely difficult after a huge party in your home as spills and gunk may be everywhere. All you need is soap, water, standard-quality wipe and a lot of patience as you work your way throughout the home and finally the kitchen.

Things that hurt granite countertop

You should also know about the things that can hurt kitchen worktops! Here’re a few;

- Soda-pop and coffee diminish the natural stone surface

- Though strong enough to withstand heat of a cookware even if you just removed it off a stove; keep the item over a stand or a thick cloth to avoid scratching.

- Citrus-based cleaning agents like vinegar or ammonia are highly acidic to use as they can eventually discolour the natural lustre and reduce lifespan of the counter.

- Don’t stand or sit on the worktop as they may be hard but not flexible! Applying excess weight can crack them.


Daily maintenance is the key to keep granite all spruced! Once giving it a proper cleaning treatment, a simple wipe of warm water would work for at-least a week depending on how much it is used but let it dry properly or water stain may persist.

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