What is Life in the UK Test?

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What is Life in the UK Test?

Started in the year 2005, Knowledge of Life in the UK test, which is also known as Life in the UK test is a short exam, which is purposefully designed to evaluate the eligibility and adequateness of applicants to obtain the citizenship. The question paper consists of multiple choice questions to assess candidate knowledge about the English language, institutions, customs and some other important things, which are necessary to understand before becoming a resident in the territory. Candidates are instructed to solve this test in the duration of 45 minutes. To successfully pass this test, contestants essentially secure not less than 75% marks.

Who is eligible to take this test?

At the time of its introduction, only expats who are already living here are eligible to take this exam to obtain the legal rights to live and work like a native. Later in the year 2007, British Government renamed this test as the Life in the UK test for immigrants. Those who are willing to acquire permanent citizenship are welcome to take this small exam, as long as they are fulfilling other requirements.

How to prepare for the exam?

Candidates can further take help from these two books “A Journey to Citizenship” and “Life in the United Kingdom”. Content and chapters are further revised and updated to make it more understandable for those who are not native English speakers. Ensure using the revised and updated version of the books to avoid chances of failure.

What is the minimum qualification to attempt this exam?

Those who are planning to acquire the British nationality must possess English language skills of Entry level 3. However, applicants belong to Scotland must need language proficiency at level 1.

How to apply?

Only Government of UK is eligible to schedule these tests. Examinees can directly contact the authorities to get themselves registered to appear in the test. Advance bookings must be made 3 days prior to the exam. A nonrefundable payment of £50 must be made at the time of booking. To facilitate eligible individuals, State Government has established 60 test venues across the country, which candidates can conveniently choose.

What is the format?

There are total 24 multiple choice questions in the exam, which needs to be answered within 45 minutes. Whether a candidate is native English speaker or not, they have to attempt the paper in English. However, Scottish people are allowed to attempt the exam in Welsh and Scottish Gaelic. All the candidates are provided with a computer to solve and submit the test.

Where to get the study material?

Books, study material and a Guide for New Residents can be purchased from any stationary shop for £12.99. However, paid online versions are also available. There are total five chapters in the book that provide sufficient knowledge of the lifestyle, customs and traditions.

What are the rules of the game?

Besides fulfilling other requirements and criteria to appear in the exam, an ID proof is also required to take the test. Results are declared soon after the test is completed and can be seen on the spot.

Summary: Passing the Life in UK test is a mandatory requirement every candidate has to accomplish who is seeking to gain UK residency or EU Passport.

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