By car on vacation? Tips to prevent sleepiness

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By car on vacation? Tips to prevent sleepiness

How often do we not hear that drivers are boasting about their 16-hour drive, the whole night-driven? They feel heroes! Not only do they endanger families or fellow travelers, but also the other road users. Then they need two days to recuperate their adventure!

Some vehicle experts have conducted scientific research into sleepiness behind the wheel. This study shows that it is not an unnecessary luxury to pay attention to road safety for your car holiday.

But at night driving does not bring any sleep. This is one of the conclusions of the research. Even if there is little traffic at night, your driving ability is remarkably worse, which increases the risk of an accident. So they preferably for a ride during the day. But for some, this is not possible. Therefore, the three initiators of this research have formulated some conclusions and tips for a safe car holiday.

1. Nightly rides are dangerous, the evidence

Every year again, it is pushing the European roads. And this analysis of the accidents on the French highways underestimates fatigue behind the wheel as the leading cause of the accident on highways. Fatigue, sleepiness behind the wheel and falling alertness are the main cause of 1 in 3 fatal accidents. The excessive rate is a common cause in 1 in 2 fatal accidents (28% is fatigue cause). On the French highways, 39% of accidents occur at night, and 49% of deadly casualties occur, while only 10% of the traffic is driving during that period.

2. The scientific research

During the survey, nine teams of two subjects were involved. For these people, the trip started in optimal conditions, no stress and well-equipped for the start of the trip. The destination was Lyon, a distance of about 800 km. No heavy meals were taken, and coffee was forbidden.

The intention was to check which physical changes occur in both a day and a night shift. Because the test subjects accounted for both the daytime and the daytime. With the research, they also want to check up on how sudden movements occur when a driver signs show fatigue. Perhaps this could give rise to the development of devices that should prevent these unexpected movements?

Sleepiness is equivalent to a decrease in brain activity. This reduces the amount of data absorbed by the brain and is also much slower than a fit person. To investigate this, detest persons had to fill in questionnaires and test again on the rhythm simulator test.

By car on vacation? Tips to prevent sleepiness

3. Testimonials with the subjects

During daytime performance was weakest in the afternoon (about 15 hours), the drivers swung more over the road. In the evening, deafness seemed to recover. On arrival, the performance was better.

At night, the researchers found that there was a continuous deterioration in driving performance, although they started filtering. Especially in the devious morning (around 3 hours), there was a pronounced decline. Drivers slipped more and could not maintain a constant speed.

During the research, it was found that the driver thinks that driving at night improved better during the day trip. However, driving performance was weaker in the evening. Thus one underestimates the influence of fatigue on dementia!

4. First symptoms of sleepiness

The first alarm signal is usually your attention that slows down and eagles jumping on the branch from the heel. Or you will not remember any last kilometer. This is accompanied by yawning, although this is a late condition. One of the following signs are real distress signals:

  • You have turned left or right and needed to correct quickly;
  • You were suddenly too close to a predecessor or too late or just a stoplight on time;
  • It will be difficult to fix your eyes or to keep your eyes open;
  • Your head already nods to make you feel like you're in a hurry.



5. How to reach your holiday destination?

Everything starts with a good night's rest. Minimum tween nights before leaving have you slept well and long. Having a sleep shortage is not a good start for an extended vacation. Being fully equipped is essential. Before the journey, you should arrange extra tire, floor jack Socket Set Mini Stubby Wrench etc. Best floor jack reviews may help you finding those toolkits.

It is therefore insufficient to sleep well in the night before bedtime. Immediately after departing from the daytime work, there is solid counsel.

Also taking alcohol and taking certain medications for retirement can be advised. When taking medication, ask your general practitioner to influence your driving behavior. But especially respect your biorhythm. Repeat at a time when your body is just this, i.e., at the same time as you drive to work during the week. In concrete terms, this is for most of the subjects between 7 and 19 hours. This usually means that night driving is not normal and also avoid.

Tips that are claimed to combat fatigue, but which give an energy boost for a very short time:

  • Put music hard
  • Open window so that it is freer in the car;
  • Drive faster;
  • Coffee and caffeine drinks. Only after a hassle, coffee and coke are effective.

Watched! Changing a driver is not an argument for driving at night or an excuse to start off with the trip. The supervisor who has rested in a driving vehicle during his or her driving time still has those symptoms as previously indicated.

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