Simple Tips To Extend The Lifetime of Your Air Conditioner

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Technology has given many benefits to mankind, no doubt. But it is also true that man has taken advantage of Mother Nature. So, you see the rapid increase in pollution of the atmosphere, excavation of the hills and mountains for rare minerals etc. In urban cities such as Pune, environmental conditions have changed because of vehicle pollutants. There are other changes in Mother Nature such as extreme heat during the summer etc. And in some areas, it is difficult to live without an air conditioner. But, air conditioners do not come for free. Some brands cost a bomb. And maintenance is also required. In this article, you will be given tips on simple ways to extend the lifetime of your air conditioner and the method to get the best technician for AC repair in Pune.

The best way to save some cash in the summers is to ensure that the air conditioner is working to its full potential. As the head of a family, it is your duty to ensure that the AC is in perfect shape during the summer. Usually, you call for the AC services only when there is a problem. But, you know that a malfunctioning AC can significantly enhance your electricity bills.

In this article, you will also be given information on the simple ways to enhance the efficiency of air conditioner in your home.

Simple Tips To Extend The Lifetime of Your Air Conditioner

1. Unblocked Vents/Indoor Vents

Let there be no obstacles to the air around the indoor supply vents in the air conditioner. The air flow should be steady to the system. You should also keep toys, furniture and blinds away from the indoor vents.

2. Thermostat
Ensure you use the thermostat properly. It is better to reduce the temperature in winter, and increase in summer. Also, do not forget to switch off when you are going on a vacation or a long tour. It is possible to increase or reduce the temperature as per the requirement.
3. Curtains and Blinds Should Remain Closed
The blinds and curtains can definitely give splendor to the home, but it is always advisable to keep them closed. Sun rays entering the home can heat the atmosphere. If you have open windows and doors allowing the sun rays, the air conditioner has to work more to bring the ‘cool’ in your home.
4. Do Not Use Washing Machine and Oven in The Hot Hours
You should avoid using the oven as well washing machine in the afternoon, when the sun’s rays and atmosphere are hotter. When you run the dryer, warm air will flow to your home. Make use of the microwave oven, and you add warm air to the home. In turn, the AC has to work harder.
5. Sealing of Duct
You should make sure that the ductwork running through the room and exterior does not have a leak. In case, you find one, ensure that it is properly sealed by a qualified technician.  
It is necessary to install the air conditioner (in your office or home) away from the direct rays of the sun. Just check the perfect spot for the air conditioner.
AC Installation Techniques
When you have decided to buy an air conditioner, also make room in your home for the installation. The appliance should never be installed at a cramped place, so that it becomes difficult for the AC technician to do the maintenance work. You need not call the technician for even simple jobs such as changing the air filters. However, ensure that there is enough space to clean the AC so that it works to its full potential.
You don't always have to spend a lot of money to maintain the investment you've made in your central air conditioning system. These simple tips are enough to make the air conditioner running efficiently. nsure you understand the various parts of the appliance, so that you can identify the tell-tale signs of problems and provide suitable solutions.
As per advice by home improvement experts, it is always mandatory to have the system checked by a qualified mechanic from the best AC repair service center in Pune at least once a year. The equipment, ductwork and connections should be checked to ensure the family members in the home stay ‘cool’ during the summer.

Do you stay in Pune? Does your AC require maintenance or repair? If your warranty period has expired, then you will have to take it to the authorized service center. Instead, why don’t you try the other method of booking top quality AC repair professionals? You can hire the best AC repair expert by booking a request at any of the top home services company which offers doorstep services. All you have to do is just download the app of the selected company, and book the AC repair service. You can even schedule the appointment of the professional as per your own convenient time. All the companies providing services conduct background verification for their technicians before they are sent to the customer’s home. So you can easily hire the best and get the top quality services from a qualified AC repair professional in Pune.

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