12 Conversation Starters with a Girl

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The right conversation starters with a girl are a topic of hot debate and leave most of us confused. You don’t want to come off seeming too strong and yet striking the right balance between being subtle and not being notice at all is pretty hard as well. This article throws light on some conversation starters you can use.

Back to Square One

It is the most obvious and for this reason underrated, but the best way is to start with your name. Simplicity is much better than coming up with a cheesy pick up line that will make girls suspicious. Plus, she’ll have to introduce herself as well and it can pave a way for a real conversation.

Common Ground

If you find the girl with a book you’ve read or cheering for the same team you like, it’s a great place to start a conversation. Just don’t pretend to have an interest simply because she likes it. Girls are always able to tell genuine interest from fakers.

Follow up Questions

If she mentions something about herself, don’t just take in the comment. Follow up with questions to show that you care about what she has to say. If she remarks about how she likes tennis, ask her who taught her how to play or when she started playing.

If You Feel Awkward

Some of us just don’t have the gift of sweeping girls of their feet. In that case, your best weapon is admitting your flaws. If you start a conversation with, “I don’t know how to talk to girls, but…” chances are you will win her over. Girls love honesty.

Look Around You

Sometimes the things happening around you are the best conversation starters with a girl. It will seem more natural when you comment on something already taking place as it helps to not focus attention directly on you or her but rather on some third party.

A Compliment

You must play this card with tact. If you go overboard or are not genuine, she will be able to tell the difference. Pick something specific you appreciate about her and get the ball rolling.

Questions and Answers

Ask a question, she will have to respond. Rather than, “Yesterday’s game was nice,” try something like, “What did you think of yesterday’s game?”

The Right Question

Related to the point above, make sure that you ask a question that is open ended. A yes or no answer is a dead end for any conversation.

Keep It Light

Don’t start off with an extremely serious question or something that will make her uncomfortable. The first question can set the tone for the entire conversation, so make sure it’s something humorous or light.


Don’t talk about your relationships, but ask a girl about her opinion on a particular issue on relationships. It will tell her you value what she has to say.

Tease Her

Do this one with caution. You need to strike the balance between light teasing and coming off as a jerk.

Go All Out

This is a risky conversation starter with a girl but the payoff can be great. Making a direct hit like, “What will you be cooking for me tonight?” can exude confidence and charm.

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