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Animation is a beautiful way to project an image or a cartoon alive. It is portrayed in a very artistic manner with emotions, expressions which makes us feel like they actually exist. We can take an example of princess Rapunzel, her animal friends, witch and other characters in the movie Tangled or Ice Age or Kunfu Panda and many more. Especially children, who feel that they are real where animals can actually talk, read, cook. This is also like a fairy tale which they get engrossed. Therefore in some way animation is used for entertainment and also learning and education. 




Animation is not a recent technology. Though there is lots of progress and new developments in the field of animation but the interest can be seen from the Paleolithic age cave paintings where animal pictures are shown with many legs in superimposed positions which can be understood as a thought of motion. However there were no tools or equipment which could show the picture in motion. Disney was the first to create an animated movie. 



Animation can be categorized into 3 types which are Stop Motion, 2D Animation and 3D Animation. Besides sketches, drawings; many kinds of software are used to design a model for animated movies, advertisements.  A paper and pencil is used to draw and sketch an image and then it is captured with the help of a camera. This photo is converted to an animated clip. This type of animation is called cell animation and comes under the category of 2D animation. Earlier 2D movies were made in this way. But after the beginning of computer technology everything has become computerized which includes drawing, painting with the help of computer software. There are many 2D animation software like Microsoft Silver light, Anime Studio, Draw plus etc. Among them the most famous and widely used animation software is Adobe Flash which creates flash animation. Flash Animation and fonts makes the content more interesting to see and understanding it better. It gives an effect which includes animated menus, icons, cartoons, moving images which make it more fascinating. It can be used to make a presentation or a site which attracts the people and it enables them to concentrate and view it in a better way.  As compared to other format like DHTML, GIF, flash files is compact in size. At one go many images can be shown without going to the next page. Even if you have a lot of information to present, you can do this through flash animation by showing it one by one and not mixing or getting confused. People will not get deviated from the topic which uses flash animation unlike other boring format.

In today’s competitive world, everyone and everything should be best among the rest so one needs to imagine out of the box, creatively, in a different manner but also from the people point of view by making it more appealing with the use of graphics, animation, motion objects than text.  

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