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Any lady who wants to spoil her buddies these days is discovering the ultimate treat that all girlfriends are looking forward to; hens pamper parties Sydney. This is because apart from the fact that you will be spending time with your girlfriends doing all the things that girls love to do together, you will also be treating them to those special beauty therapies that enhance their looks and self esteem. You cannot think of a better way of parting with your girlfriends especially if you are just about to get married and begin dealing with the responsibilities that are associated with marriage.

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Ladies who know the value of time spent together will add to its value by sneaking in an enchanting pamper party either at a spa or health resort or simply bringing the experience to their own homes. Due to its flexibility, you can organize one during a hen weekend or that hen night; this can be very appreciated especially by some of your friends who may not be able to go out at night as a result of some situations such as pregnancy, yet they still want to catch up a and do a little giggling with the girls.

Since this has become a buzzword, you can be sure there are plenty of beauticians offering these hens pamper party services. The best thing about them is that there are different packages from which you can choose so that you get one that is completely befitting you and your gang of girls. What normally happens during these parties is that every one of your guests gets a treatment lasting about an hour either at one go or it can also be divided into about two or three sessions. You and your girls’ only need to agree on a date, timing and venue and the rest becomes the business of the beauty therapist. At the appointed date and time, the therapist hauls in all their equipment with only having to provide electricity and hot water at most.


The main purpose of these parties is to bring total enjoyment to you and your fellow hens as you enjoy the different forms of treatment. Some of the treatments you can choose from including among the best massage therapies such as Indian head massage, home spa massage, stress relief massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish holistic massage and well being massage to name but just a few. You can be sure that massages will especially be appreciated because of the amount of relaxation they offer your guests. Apart from massage you may want to include special treats such as facials, exfoliation, body waxing, self tan, body wraps, pedicure, manicure, eye treatments and makeup.

A typical hen party will last at least 4 hours and should consist of no less than four participants as long as they are not under the age of 18. You could invite a higher number of hens if your room is large enough to accommodate them. You only need to have a clean and comfortable room where you can play some smooth light music and also burn some scented candles for that added effect. Let the beauty therapist know if you or any of your guests is expecting or nursing so that they know exactly how to treat each and every one of you.


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