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LED ribbon strips are popular in hotels, offices and bars since they save energy, therefore reduce electricity bills. They do not damage artefacts over time in the way other lights do and that is why museums love them. LED lighting is much better for the environment because it wastes far less light and heat than other types of lighting. Other bulbs produce heat and light as a by product. This is not the case with LEDs. LEDs can also create a wide range of lighting effects:

Main lighting LEDs can be very bright and are focused, directed light from diodes, making them suitable for main lighting.

Accent lighting LED ribbon strips are flexible. They can be used to highlight a specific place in a room like a bookshelf, mirrors or shelves. This brings attention to the main feature of a room or emphasises an area normally ignored because of poor light.

Colours The colours available in LEDs are practically endless. They are great for creating subtle tones in garden lighting. The colours in LEDs are far more vivid and varied in shades than other lights.

 In the past people have thought LEDs were not suitable for lighting their entire home. Now LEDs come in many shades of white. There is cold white, blue white, bright white and soft, yellow white. This makes them applicable to any room in the house. LED ribbon strips are very flexible. You can put flexible ribbon strip LEDs almost anywhere and position them so that there is no visible fixture. This takes away all the pesky business of paying high prices for the light fixture’s style and worrying about whether it matches the decor of the room. Rigid LED ribbon strips are suitable if you are replacing fluorescent tubes.

LEDs are perfect for advertising all sorts of businesses. They are far superior to traditional neon signs because you can change them and repair them easily. A neon sign outside a cafe is static but you can change LEDs to display different offers or specials.

The reason I first became infatuated with LEDs is because they make amazing decorations. With all those colours and flexible ribbons, strips and garlands it is easy to see why nearly all decorative lights use LEDs now for both outdoor and indoor decorations. LED icicle lights are a highly sought favourite at Christmas time.  They are much less of a fire hazard than other kinds of decorative lights since LEDs do not heat up as much. It is safer to leave them on for long periods of time, which people tend to do at Christmas time. It is not just at Christmas that LEDs make wonderful decorations. There is a massive variety of decorative LEDs out there from Easter eggs and glowing chairs to summer leaves and garden lighting. The technology of LEDs has advanced substantially in the last few years making them great for all kinds of lighting purposes.

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