Celosia - The Bright Showman In The Flower World

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There is no denying the fact that every flower is attractive in its own way. Whether it is its size, shape or color – it is very apparent that blossoms of various kinds are indeed eye-catching. But, the celosia is probably one of the showiest flowers!

Consider the fact that its name is derived from Greek for ‘burned’ or ‘burning’ and you know that it justifies its flame shaped structure in spades. There are plenty of names and different species as far as Celosia is concerned. Some of them are

  • Cocks combs
  • Amigo Red
  • Wool flower

These flowers are also found in different vibrant colours such as yellow, red, gold and even multicolored varieties. Broadly speaking, they are either crested or plumed in appearance.


The crested Celosia is also known as the Brain celosia thanks to its multi lobed appearance. Interestingly, the flowers are associated with humor and warmth as well. The flowers also are said to have originated in Africa though there is a bit of debate on this! They are now found in almost every part of the world. Depending on the species of plant, they can be found in different colours, have different uses and need specific cultivation and care.

How to grow

Depending on the weather zone that you live in, it is beneficial to plant seedlings after the cold of the winter has passed. Choose soil that is well drained and receives adequate sunlight as well. The flower is an annual plant and can reach a height of around 4 feet, depending on the species. Thus, if you want it to function as a border plant then maybe the taller varieties of flowers will be a better choice.

 Taking care of the flower

You will have to ensure that the soil around the plant is not only well drained but is also kept moist. This is especially important when the weather is particularly hot. While planting the saplings, ensure that they have a minimum of 10 inches space between themselves. As far as fertilizer is concerned, you can use a mix of rich potting soil to ensure that the roots of this flower or plant receive adequate nourishment.

Uses of the flower

The Celosia has a wide range of medical applications in the treatment of mouth ulcers and even stomach problems. The plant can also be used as a dressing for sores. Traditionally, the brilliance of these flowers is best displayed in gardens and as hedge plants. These flowers can also be dried very easily and used as interior decor items.

Celosia is also used as food in some parts of the world. For instance, in many countries in south-east Asia the leaves of the plant are treated as nutritious food sources. The flower is in fact cultivated as a leafy green vegetable. Probably one of the biggest benefits of this flower is the fact that it is a very hardy and robust species which requires very little care. This alone contributes to its widespread popularity everywhere either as an ornamental flower or as an edible one.


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