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Read this article to know more about Antigua and its citizenship & passport program. Other amenities and opportunities are thoroughly discussed in the above article. What are you waiting for? Get a grip and invest your money safely with assuring security.

Antigua Citizenship & Passport

Antigua is an island that offers spelling binding landscape to its people, tourists, visitors and immigrants. Unlike other Caribbean spot, it has exceptional beauty, elite lifestyle and well-planned infrastructure, and its democratic monarchy, matchless to any other states in the Caribbean. The main source of Antigua’s income is its excessive tourism. People from all corners of the world visit Antigua to experience its heart winning landscape, historic identity and its unspoiled natural beauty. It is very common that people for better life, opt for immigration to America, Canada, and New Zealand etc. but never actually try for Antigua. This is one of the reasons that Antigua remains unveiled. To promote better walk-in in Antigua, the government has revised its citizenship program lately in 2013 to attract people from different cultural backgrounds from all corners of the world. The best part is that it’s passport is attainable in just 3 months’ time with minimum citizenship by investment of USD 400,000 and is irrevocable at any cost. Thus, your hard-earned money is safe!

If you have enough money to make an investment, Antigua citizenship program is the best option you could ever opt for. Say for instance if you apply for it, your spouse and your kids will ultimately get a citizenship for around 5 years. Once the citizenship is gained, you can apply for an Antigua passport. All you need is to choose a module that you need to invest in. The four modules are:

  • Option 1: Real Estate
  • Option 2: National Development Fund
  • Option 3: Charitable Fund Contribution
  • Option 4: Investment in a Business

The above four modules offer you opportunities to think and invest according to your needs and feasibilities. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Personal Freedom, which you has never felt before

• Quick, fast tracked Citizenship program • Instant citizenship and passport in just 3 months’ time • Enjoy your freedom and live wherever you want to. There is no restriction to live in Antigua to get Antigua passport or citizenship. • You will not have to compromise on your identity. With Antigua’s passport, you can still enjoy your national passport.

  • There are no restrictions. People from all cultural and religious backgrounds can avail this opportunity.
  • Children and wife under 26 of the age below 26 will get the passport.
  • Offers 100% family security
  • Parent above 65 are also counted as dependents


Some of the exceptional Business Opportunities are

  • No tax applicable on foreign income
  • Currency exchange works in US dollar
  • There is no duty or extra charges on Trades.
  • You don’t need to hassle yourself for business or common visas, with Antigua’s passport, you can travel to 110 countries without any formal visa or application.

The above-mentioned list is the benefits of getting Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program.


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