Grooming Tips for Everyone! Thanks to the Fashion Magazines

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Nowadays you cannot think about fashion without thinking about the fashion magazines. Since the fashion had become an industry most of the fashion companies had started relying on the magazines. The everyday house wives also got the chance to be aware about the latest catwalk fashion since the fashion magazines became popular.

Back in the day fashion was an elite thing. Only the rich and famous were involved with fashion. It was a type of priviledge the rich people enjoyed. Also the resources wantd such as make up and certain accessories were rare and ordinary people could not afford and they had other things to do with their money. When your income is quite limited fashion is not the first thing come to your mind. It is quite sensible that you have to take care of your family priorities before grooming. Life was not easy for them those day and they were more worried about paying the rent and sending the kids to school. Also among the ordinary society following fashion was not considered required to get on with your day to day.

Fashion to exist as a industry it has to relyh on popularity. Or else it will not be easy to survive. The gap which had been with the rich and elite and the middle class socity had been filled by the fashon magazines. Though in the beginning of the fashion magazines only the rich and famous were the sole subscribers. Originally the printing technology and camera quipment was originally started mostly for newspapers, newsmagazines or economy based magazines. Eventuall when the colour printing cost and photography equipment became widely available it was much easier to print a fashion magaizine. The fashion designers who always had been in the background also had a voice thanks to the fashion magazines. Earlier fashion designers were only known by their name and the famous people they groom. But people started recognizing them from their faces when they started writing articles for the magazines.

Now it is an ordinary thing for someone to look at a magazine and groom self. Buying  a fashion magazine is quite the normal part of the week for a young girl or a housewife. It is not considered as any special thing for them. And most of the young girls and housewives rely on these fashion magazines how to put their make up on and how to dress according to their body shape and personality. Those tips had been only available for famous movie stars those days.  And the movie stars really stood out among the rest of the society because their looks had been highlighted with the help of the seasoned fashion gurus.

Going with the lines of democracy, in the current day fashion magazines give the tips to everybody. Rich or poor famous or ordinary all the humans like to look beautiful and fashion tips really help them to look their best. As humans we all have a quench to present us pleasant and beautiful. So thanks to the fashion magazines now we all have the access for the expert fashion tips and groom overselves.




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Lana Joseph, a fashion fan graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology USA. presently runs her own clothing and fashion line and writes for fashion magazines about designer clothing, mens fashion and women’s style.

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