Is there really anonymity in sperm donation?

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Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is an option that many males consider, both for the money as well as sense of benefit to those who are unable to have a child. The decision to donate sperm is a very big deal as it involves a long drawn out process and is no walk in the park. It is important that any sperm donor think long and hard about the decision as well as the ramifications in the future. One important aspect to consider is if you will be anonymous in the future. It is essential that this topic is covered thoroughly with the sperm bank so you can be known or unknown if you so choose.

The first step is to take a great deal of time learning the confidentially and anonymity contracts and regulations of the sperm bank or medical clinic. Before you sign any contract, be sure to fully understand every aspect. You want to get what you want during this process. When you know your rights, you can make a decision that will meet your expectations.

One can choose to donate anonymously or choose to have their identity known. For the sake of this article, we will be discussing anonymously. When you remain anonymous, the women using your sperm will not know your personal information. The child that results from a successful pregnancy will not know your name or personal details as well. You will remain a donor and nothing else.

With complete anonymity, your name and personal information will be withheld by the sperm bank. You will be given a donor number and that is all. This is how you will be referred to during the sperm donation process. This number would be used again if you decided to donate at a future date. This number will help to solidify your anonymity.

Donation Process

During the donation process, a nurse will ask you many personal questions to get a sense of your personal history as well as health history. This information can be shared with the child or sperm receiver. If you want to have certain information withheld, you will need to speak with the clinic to make sure that this is a viable option. Health concerns, especially mental and physical, are usually shared and discussed so the parent can be ready if their child has similar issues.

As a donor, you have rights. When reviewing the contract for donor submission, read every aspect and do not be afraid to ask questions. If you feel as though your rights are being compromised or you do not understand a certain aspect of donation, then do not sign the papers. You must feel comfortable and be ready to make such a huge decision.

Donors should also be knowledgeable and ask about an Openness Agreement. Many sperm banks have this option which allows the child born to contact the clinic and then ask you if you want to meet the child. If you agree to this option, you will need to make it clear that the clinic must contact you before giving out personal information, which keeps you safe as you remain anonymous.

Overall, it is very important to do your research. When you know what you are getting into you can feel better about your decision and your future.


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