Microsoft products and the support provided by it to the users of these products

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Microsoft is a multi-national company with its origins in America that develops and manufactures different kind of computer products, both hardware and software, and provides services related to computing environment. It also provides licensing services and support related to the computer and its products. The company was established and formed on 4th April, 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and has headquarter in Redmond, Washington. Compared on the basis of revenues, Microsoft is the largest software manufacturer in the world and is considered the most valuable company in the global corporate market.


Originally formed for the purpose of developing and providing BASIC interpreters for the then newly developed micro computer Altair 8800, the company gained prominence in the computer market in mid 1980s by developing MS DOS operating system for micro computers. Soon after the recognition and popularity of MS DOS operating system, the company’s share price began to increase. Microsoft then started focusing its business on development of operating system software for micro computers.

From 20th November, 1985 till date, Microsoft has developed a series of operating systems known as Microsoft Windows. These operating systems have a more appealing User Interface with improved graphics and animations. The prominent improvements in these types of operating systems is the ability of the users to perform multi tasking which was absent in MS DOS. Also the new User Interface allowed the computer users to operate it with ease even the individuals who did not have any technical expertise and computer repair services in the field of computers could easily operate windows due to its simple and easy User Interface.

Along with the operating systems, Microsoft developed some other software for business and home usage purposes and provides online support including Microsoft live support, antivirus support and other support. Prominent among these include MS Office, MSN and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft has also developed its own tablet PCs that were introduced in the market in June 2012. Cellular phones developed by Microsoft Company that are known as Windows Phone are also available in the market.

Microsoft is also famous for its support services that it provides to the users of its products. This support can be obtained at any time or at any place as its outlets are in almost every part of the world. However Microsoft online support is also available to the users who are having issues with their Microsoft application. There is technical support staff available on the website of Microsoft that can help you with almost all of your queries and issues regarding the Microsoft software that you are using. All one has to do to gain the online tech support is to create an account ID using the receipt number that he has obtained while purchasing the Microsoft software. Once the ID is created, the user can access the support section and get his/her query solved. There are also FAQs present on the website that can help in solving the most common issues that people encounter while using the products.

Microsoft also has a separate section of Microsoft Windows Support that deals with the problems relating to the windows operating system. Whether it is minor glitches in the windows interface or severe problems as programs crashing and forced shutdown, all of these troubles can be taken care of with the help of technical support that is provided by Microsoft Company to its customers. There is a troubleshooting file provided with Microsoft Windows that can help the users with commonly known issues. More technical issues can be solved by obtaining online help from a technician on Microsoft website.

There is also a section made by Microsoft that is known as Microsoft Live Support that can help and guide users regarding the upgrades and updates that are available for their software. It also provides technical assistance in optimizing PCs performance by notifying the user about any latest drivers and software that are available that can help in optimizing their PCs performance.

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