Pizza, its types and restaurants offering pizzas and its delivery in Dubai

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The food in Dubai like in every other part of UAE is a blend of different foods in the world. The cuisines of Dubai include different foods from all over the world. The major types such as continental, Chinese, Italian and fast food are all part of the Dubai food menu. Pizza is one of the most famous types of food all over the world especially in Dubai and UAE. There are many restaurants in UAE that serve pizzas and are offering Pizza Delivery Dubai as well. This pizza home delivery service offered by these restaurants has made it easier for people to enjoy their pizzas at home while watching a good movie or while enjoying a good match of football.

Pizza is round bread that is over baked and is topped with tomato sauce, cheese and various other toppings that are included to add flavor to the pizza. The dish was first prepared in Naples after which it has become popular in almost every part of the world. The history of pizza can be traced back to Greek era in which people used to cover their bread with oils, herbs and cheese.

The bottom part of Pizza that is the bread is known as crust. It is made in a variety of ways and styles. For example the crest may be thin for making the typical hand-tossed pizza or maybe thick that is normally used in pan pizza. The crust can also be flavored with garlic or herbs or can be stuffed with cheese. Pizza can be baked with an over that has stone bricks above the heat source. This method was used until the introduction of new modern ovens for baking purposes that include electric deck oven, a conveyor belt oven or a wood or coal-fired brick oven. Barbeque grill can also be used for this purpose which is normally used in making grilled pizza. At home, it can be made by using a pizza stone in a regular oven. Pizzas come in a variety of types and styles. These types include Neapolitan pizza which is made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese; Lazio style pizza which comes in two styles, the first kind has a relatively thick crest and is baked in pans and is sold by takeaway shops while the other kind is sold by Pizzerias and it has a thin crisp crust. Other types of Lazio pizzas include Pizza Romana which has
tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, oregano and oil in its topping; Pizza Viennese; Pizza capricciosa and Pizza Bianca.

Pizza delivery and
Food Dubai is offered by a lot of restaurants in Dubai such as Pizzaexpress Dubai UAE, Pizza Hut Dubai UAE, 800pizza, Domino’s Pizza Dubai UAE and N_K_D Pizza. These 5 are the prominent restaurants in Dubai that are offering ordering Food Ordering and takeaway as well as these also provide dining area for people who want to eat pizza in a restaurant. Among these 5, Pizza express, Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza are the international chains of pizza restaurants and pizza home delivery services. A lot of flavors such as Chicken Tikka, Chicken tandoori, Chicken Fajita, Grilled Chicken, Vegetable, Pepperoni and Chicken BBQ are offered by these restaurants in Dubai.

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