Quitting Smoking With Acupuncture

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Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who made a New Year’s Resolution to stop smoking in 2013? How’s it going?

If you’re like most people who try to stop smoking every year it’s probably not going too well because the fact is that smoking as a very compulsive behavior that is often deeply rooted in both physiological and psychological conditions. Luckily, there is an ancient Chinese medical art called acupuncture which addresses both these issues.

Let’s be sure we agree on the seriousness of the problem first:

In a recent interview with Margo the owner of one of the few clinics specializing in acupuncture procedures created for quitting smoking, Margo's Acupuncture Clinic, she revealed some shocking stats:

  • In the US, 19% of adults smoke
  • 69% of US smokers say they’d like to quit
  • Of all preventable causes of death, tobacco use is the greatest
  • In the US smoking is directly responsible for 20% of deaths.
  • Smokers die earlier than non-smokers.
  • ‘The habit’ can cost up to $3,000 a year or more.
  • It ruins your teeth and non-smokers don’t like to kiss smokers.
  • You don’t notice the smell but non-smokers definitely do… and they hate it.

Those reasons are enough to quit smoking, if you could, don’t you agree?

The good news about the efficacy of acupuncture as a drug-free anti-smoking treatment is that it is becoming more and more recognized, used and understood. It works so well because it addresses both the physiological and psychological issues involved. It’s a holistic approach that addresses the nicotine addiction and the habitual nature of smoking.

One of the things that acupuncture as a drug-free way to quit smoking does is to detox your body of the nicotine it has already absorbed. It does this by regular treatments of small, ultra-thin, sterile and disposable needles inserted at key points of your body. In the case of ‘stop-smoking’ treatments, the points generally are the ear. Patients typically take treatments multiple times during the week for several weeks. Acupuncture transfers the taste of tobacco from a good taste to a bad one plus it also relieves the stress on the body, normally satiated by the nicotine from tobacco. It does this by stimulating the increased production of natural endorphins by your own body. These new endorphins are ‘friendly’ and not harmful like the feeling you get from nicotine and subjects report that they feel more peaceful, less stressed (and less needy of smoking) and more energized in general.

Acupuncture has proven so effective as a drug-free treatment to help people stop smoking that it is even recognized as a viable treatment by most insurance companies. But whether you’d be wanting to get your insurance to pay for it or not, you probably can see that stopping smoking would be one of the wisest things you ever did. You can do it too… with acupuncture.


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