Snowdonia: the Walker’s Paradise

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Snowdonia is situated in what is known as an internationally famous as a walker’s paradise. Snowdonia features a diverse landscape of mountains, hills, woodland, rivers, rocky crags and fields. The area which is held in the highest of esteem for its natural beauty provides scenic views and breathtaking visits for anyone who has adventure in their heart enough to go and find them!

Snowdonia hotels

Luckily there are plenty of incredible Snowdonia hotels in the area that let you experience the incredible land in style. As it has been trekked over by thousands of people for thousands of years you can find out exactly where’s best to walk.

Of course, Snowdonia’s titan and namesake of Snowdon, or ‘Yr Wyddfa’ is a great challenge, with seven different tracks which are used by hundreds of hikers every year, so no matter what your experience with walking, you can give yourself as big a challenge as you feel like.

However there is an entire region of mountains to enjoy, and with places such as Carneddau, Tryfan, Cader Idris, Glyder Fawr, as well as incredible sights to behold such as the dreamlike Aberfalls. The area is complex, and can be deceiving, make sure you research locations and routes before you set off; otherwise if you don’t know what you are getting into you can end up way over your head and you will not make it back to you luxury Snowdonia hotels. The local outdoor community have a strong web-presence, and many guides have been written over the years so you can get a good plan together before you set out into the big wide wild.

Remember to bring a map and compass so you can keep track of your location. Snowdonia Mountain Rescue venture out daily to save weary hikers who get themselves into trouble, so be careful! Pack food and supplies adequate for how long you are venturing out for – too much will slow you down with unneeded bulk, too little however… well you don’t want to climb a mountain with a grumbling stomach do you?

As long as you take the necessary precautions, plan vigorously, and go out with a winning attitude in the right weather conditions, you are likely to have an amazing time you will remember for a long time! Not local to the area? After a hard day’s exploring, you’ve earned a good night’s sleep, why not stay in a Snowdonia Hotel and do not be afraid to ask your local hosts about the best areas and walks?

Good luck, budding adventurer!




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