The advantages of fabric doors installation

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It is not difficult to imagine that a draft can blow out the volume of air equal to the volume of the room through the opening within minutes. Today, when the heating costs are so high, it is not rational to leave the premises open. Fabric doors were designed specially to save indoor climate and thus avoid additional heating costs. These devices are not expensive and very effective way of saving heat or cold (for example, in freeze storages) allowing minimizing the temperature fluctuations inside the room even if they are entered with high intensity.


High speed fabric doors are used to reduce heat loss, protect the working space from drafts, dust and noise. They have found their application in industrial, warehouse and retail facilities. They are installed in openings with highly intensive traffic. High speed doors are designed for interior and exterior openings of industrial premises with heavy traffic. They have appeared on the market as an alternative to PVC curtains. The main advantage of fabric gate is a high opening and closing speed (1-3 m / s) of very large openings. This characteristic helps to maintain the indoor climate and make energy savings for heating in winter and cooling in summer. Variety of options allows meeting the highest requirements. A wide range of colors is available, allowing the gate to fit harmoniously into the corporate style of the enterprise.


Other advantages of high-speed gate include the following characteristics. Stability and windproof of fabric gate is achieved by using of special high-strength aluminum profiles. This system allows you to stabilize the gate and change fabric segments quickly during repair works. Door leaf is able to withstand heavy wind loads. Besides, such doors are noiseless and high-speedy even exposed to strong drafts! Windproof elements are located in lateral guide profiles with twin track rollers. This ensures quiet operation and stability of the door under high wind loads. All metal parts of gates are galvanized and are not afraid of corrosion.

Moreover, it is absolutely safe to use such gates in any premises. They are equipped with bottom soft edge profile with built-in anti-crash device, which is flexible in vertical position and stable in horizontal position that makes high speed gate much safer for human and vehicles. Damage and downtimes are excludes, as well as the need for repairs.


Fabric doors ensure trouble-free production process. In a case of collision with a vehicle flexible vertical profile is extruded from support ways without damaging the door leaf. Gates immediately stop. To resume the operation, it is required to insert flexible profile back into the side support ways and raise the gates up. When the gates are subsequently closed, the door leaf is automatically inserted in guide ways.


There is an option to install transparent sections to get a good field of vision. It is easy to install one or more sections of transparent PVC through aluminum profiles. This option greatly enhances the illumination inside the premises and makes the movement through opening safer.


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