A list of ever best Small Kitchen Appliances

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We are lucky to live in a world full of technology, and the way we all prepare food has changed drastically during the technological revolution we have lived through in recent years. Kitchens can now be kitted out not only with your standard cookers and washing machines but with brilliant food processors, ice machines, milkshake and smoothie makers and much more, so what are the best small kitchen appliances? We explore in this list.

Coffee Machines

I'm a coffee lover myself, and with the huge amount of coffee shops we see on the high streets today, so are a huge amount of the population. We don't have to venture out for a top of the range coffee though, with brilliant machines available for your own home. Whether you simply want something to make a good filter coffee and keep it warm for you, or you're more in the market for a no holds barred coffee maker that will prepare your extra skinny extra hot mocha latte with chocolate swirls and caramel syrup! Great for an early morning pick me up, or for entertaining guests. The price of a coffee machine can vary from around $20 up to coffee shop standard thousands of dollar models.

Bread Machines

Bread has been a huge part of the human diet for thousands of years, and comes in all sorts of varieties around the world. Nothing beats the smell and taste of fresh bread, and with a bread machine you can have a fresh loaf in the mornings without having to be kneading at 6am! With a self timer that will have your bread ready whenever you need it, lots of different varieties and options for different crust settings and more, a bread machine is a great investment that could even save you money on supermarket bread.

Slow Cookers and Crock Pots

The benefits of a slow cooker are excellent! You can stick your ingredients in early in the morning, play with a few settings and you'll have dinner ready by the evening! On top of that, it makes washing up a lot easier than most meals as you just have one pot to deal with at the end. Crock pots can be bought for a very reasonable price and make preparing stews, casseroles and even curries really easy.

Food Processors

Possibly the daddy of all small kitchen appliances, food processors can help in loads of areas of cooking from making breadcrumbs to shredding herbs and salads, even creating purees and much more. Food processors are designed to make your life in the kitchen a heck of a lot easier, and if you can afford to splash out on one it will definitely help you out!


Fresh Juice is healthy, natural and above all, it is really tasty! A juicer can help you to prepare lots of different types of juice and experiment with different varieties. Great for if you have children, who will love to help you play with juice recipes and love the end product too. Best of all you can buy a good quality juicer without having to break the bank. Fresh juice for all!

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