The Energy Usage and The Ways Being Adopted to Minimize It

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Energy is as an important aspect of the modern day human lives.  The fossil fuels and the natural resources through which energy can be created are in limited quantity and are gradually reducing in quantity as the passage of time. Considering the importance of energy for the development of human beings, it is quite an alarming situation for people that the sources from which they are obtaining their energy are rapidly reducing in number and will ultimately be completely used and then there will be none of the stock left to actually create more energy. This is particularly alarming for the developed nations whose complete structure depends on electricity and other energy forms. Their means of transportation, production process, appliances in common life, equipments to work with, all depend on the energy. In order to evade this alarming situation, steps are being made to preserve energy and to find alternate sources to create it.

The first step being taken is to shift the focus of development towards efficient energy use. The goal of the efficient energy is to minimize the amount of energy used for the production of goods and providing service. In other words steps are being made to increase the effective and efficient use of energy. The steps being taken to achieve this goal include using fluorescent lights or other low consumption skylights that can help reduce the energy usage at homes. These lights use around two third lesser amount of energy than the regular lights. Efficiency can also be improved by improving the output or production process thus making them more effective and efficient.

There are some other motivations as well that has made the people to focus on the need of saving energy. These motivations include lower costs due to the energy saved which induces a manufacturer to produce its products at the lowest possible cost to either make a greater amount of profits or beating their competitors by lowering the prices as a result of this cost cutting. It is also beneficial for the consumers as they may have to pay less for a certain products thus reducing their expenses. Due to these energy saving steps being taken, it is estimated that by 2050, the energy consumption in the whole world will be lower than one third of the current consumption.

The overall science of making things more effective and efficient is known as Ergonomics. It is nowadays being used in almost every aspect of the work and production so as to help in the energy saving plan. This technique works by analyzing how the work is being done now and how it can be improved in the terms of efficiency and effectiveness. The same process is being implemented in providing services as well.

In order to save energy, the construction is nowadays being done on the pattern of greenhouse effect so as to store the energy. Nowadays all of the buildings being constructed are based on the LEED pattern and are mostly constructed only after getting a LEED certification. This is helping in a great extent regarding the reduction in the use of energy and the performance of tasks with greater efficiency.

Other forms of steps being taken include the use of Ideapaint/Whiteboard paint to get rid of the marks on the walls and surfaces without need of using any cleaning agents for this purpose. The paint works by creating a surface of smooth, hard finish white writeable and erasable surface. All one needs to remove the marks from the walls covered by whiteboard paint is to rub them off by any duster or any simple piece of cloth. This in turn is helping in the reduction of the use of papers as the kids can use the walls to play or practice for exams and then easily rub it off.

Summary: Energy is an important part of modern day human lives. The fossil fuels and other sources used to produce energy are gradually getting used up and so the need of energy saving is being focused by the people of the world. For this purpose, importance is being given to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being performed so as to use the minimum amount of energy as possible. The techniques being used include use of Ergonomics, LEED while construction process and use of whiteboard paint.


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