Think like an Architect: Space Saving Ideas for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

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Have you ever considered installing a towel rail in your kitchen from which to suspend your endless volumes of cups and utensils? No? If the word ‘storage’ to you simply means cupboards and shelves then it’s about time you heard about some stylish, imaginative ways to help create space in your kitchen! Read on for my top ideas...



A great way to utilise the space in your cupboards, without having to climb right to the back of them for that elusive jar of mustard, is installing a carousel. These can turn for up to 360°, providing you with the much more relaxed alternative to a frantic cupboard hunt.


Fold Out Counters

If you’re short on space, then it’s time to embrace the fold-away! From seating to tables to worktops, it’s surprisingly easy to install a drop down fixture that you can pack away again once you’re done with using it.


Triangular Shelving

Utilise the empty space where your walls join one another by inserting triangular shelves. This is a neat little way to store essential kitchen bits or decorative touches like potted plants.

You can also drill hooks into the side of the shelf and suspend kitchen utensils from them, which will stop you from having to battle with your kitchen drawer when the spatula inexplicably finds a way to jam it closed. Again.


Hidden Pantries

Secret doors aren’t just for old libraries and kid’s tree-houses; they can have a practical application in your kitchen too! This is particularly perfect for any alcoves or inconsistencies in your kitchen walls.

If, like many kitchens, yours has an indented archway or floor to ceiling space where two walls part to accommodate one that sits slightly further back, add some shelving and fit a panelled door on the outer wall, to which you can affix spice racks, hooks for pans and utensils... almost anything your heart desires save the kitchen sink!

Fix the door to slide, open outwards, or even fold accordion-like for extra space saving potential.


Floor to Ceiling Shelving

If you’re lucky enough to have a free expanse of wall from floor to ceiling, you might want to consider utilising the space for shelves. Have a think about what in your kitchen takes up the most room, and find a way to construct your shelving unit with these things in mind.

For example a broom can be hung vertically from your wall, but it’d need a separate compartment to do so. This kind of shelving looks particularly spectacular over the top of glass splash backs, which are wipe-clean too. Get creative with the shapes you construct and the result will be fantastic to look at as well as a pleasure to use.


Storage Benches

A small seating area compliments a kitchen perfectly if you have the space, so maybe consider popping a storage bench behind your dining table rather than a couple of spindly chairs? You can have a great time experimenting with design options; for instance a chunky wooden bench with patchwork pillows gives a lovely rustic feel!


If you have any imaginative ideas for conserving space in a petite kitchen, share them in the comments below.


Estelle Page is a DIY fanatic and interior designer, who loves nothing more than a good spring clean to blow away the cobwebs! In her spare time she blogs for Loveglass, and gets creative with ways to use rustic reclaimed materials in her home decor.

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