Top 7 Tips on Decorating Your Bedroom

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One of the most important areas around our home is by far the bedroom and that is something we can't deny. Whether you are a newlywed couple, simply dating someone or even living by yourself a bedroom should be a place of tranquility and relaxation where we can forget the worries of the world and enjoy our time on our own terms. For that very reason a bedroom needs to be more than just a place to lay our weary heads – it requires decoration and it needs to be done in a way which underlines these qualities. We have prepared some tips to get you started on decorating this wonderful part of the house:


Clean up

This is an important step since you'll be redecorating and changing many things about the room. Having it cleaned will help make it as good as new with the added benefit of keeping it healthy.


Consider a theme

Picking a particular theme in which you want to decorate the room – it could have Eastern motifs or other ideas that fit your personal preferences. Whatever the case having a plan and a general idea on what you want the room to look like will help in the future when you're ready to buy everything.



Before you setup the new room you will need to free up some space. Out with the old, in with the new they say and doing so will let you consider what you really need compared to what you have. Consider ridding yourself of items you haven't used in over a year or ones that could do with a replacement. Simplicity is key when it comes to preparing your bedroom for a total overhaul.


Remove all previous decorations

This may mean taking down curtains as well as pictures, nails they were attached to and so on until you have clean walls. You might consider plugging up the holes where you the decorations used to hang so you could have a nice, smooth surface.


Choose a highlight

Having a centerpiece around which the rest of the room can be built will help you immensely when you work on the decorations. You can add on based on the original theme of the centerpiece object when you do this and you'll see it gets easier from there.


Use artwork sparingly

When it comes to artwork you should be looking for something appropriate which suits the theme you have chosen. Make sure you don't go too far with decorations and look for combinations which give you aesthetic pleasure by looking at them. Try out the decorations before permanently affixing them to their given place. You can use photographs as well if they have been printed out large enough. Another possibility is using posters – the main point is you should be using the available space on the walls before placing anything on the floor. Make sure paintings and decorations are evenly spaced.


Bring in the colors

A great way you can invigorate a bedroom is by introducing a variety of colors. Nothing is more dull than a white wall and let's face it -  that is just downright depressing. Green is a wonderful color which is easy on the eyes and it gives a room character. If that is not your color you can always go with something else, though you should avoid dark colors since they will have a negative effect on your moods if you live there long enough. If painting or putting up wallpaper is unacceptable for some reason you should consider hanging decorative fabrics or rugs to break the mundane white.


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