Top 10 Best Mobile Apps For Your Kids

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My mom’s the best – An animation of Mommy and Baby which appeals to toddlers and preschoolers. Giggles and precious bonding time for you and your child. You can count on this app whenever you are bored with your baby and be able to learn fun games at the same time.

Elmo loves 123s  The character Elmo and Abby are so likeable and that your children will love learning numbers while playing. Fun…fun videos and songs from Sesame Street television show and provide parents with information about their child’s experiences. You can easily gain precious memories with this fun app with your child.

By Google Apps

Google map  A Leader in Mobile Maps and GPS space. Provides quick and reliable directions. You can easily use this application anywhere and anytime, as long as you have internet access. Comouflage your way of disciplining your child with this app by letting you know her or his whereabouts through Google Map.

Google now   Immediate game updates about your favorite team while music lovers can get the latest news about concerts coming in the area. Gives information of the next train you need to catch or which roads to beat the traffic.

Google local – This apps lets user locate eateries, shops, and entertainment venues.  Let your child learn the best places to go to upon going out. Let her be familiarize with your local area.

Google voice –  Makes cheap international calls, free text, call recording and call forwarding. No excuses not to ask permission when going somewhere. Let your child use this app to be updated with wher he or she is going.

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Middle school confidential  Graphic novel teaches kids to feel good about themselves. We don’t know what runs into their little heads and what their hearts are shouting. Let them experience life through this good material.

All in 1 logic gamebox  Seven challenging puzzle games in a single app. Let your child enjoy and utilize her or his mobile throught his app.

Edge  Elegant Physics game plays wonderfully on the iPhone. Who says learning is boring? You can let your little one enjoy and learn with this game. 

Science aps and games for kids  Makes Science fun and accessible for kids.

Learning tools: best apps for young inventor – Calling all tinkerers, experimenters, and inventors.


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