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Preparing for a Christmas dinner can really be time consuming. Planning menus that will be suitable for all your guests will surely be quite difficult since each and every one of us have our preference when it comes to foods. You know what is one dish...

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The right conversation starters with a girl are a topic of hot debate and leave most of us confused. You don’t want to come off seeming too strong and yet striking the right balance between being subtle and not being notice at all is pretty hard as well....

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Swiss watches - an indispensable attribute of business people. People buy luxury watches not because they need a simple device that tells time. This accessory emphasizes a certain status and style of its owner. Expensive unique watch is the privilege...

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“We need to receive empathy to give empathy,” Marshall Rosenberg said in reference to his new process that was going to change the way people approached conflict. In the early 1960’s, famed psychologist Marshall Rosenberg came up with the communication...

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If you wish to generate a lot of money either by establishing a new business or by investing; live and work in a high-class environment and great conveniences then relocating to Dubai is your best bet. • No Income Tax In Dubai, you don’t have to pay any...

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