Advantage of Verbal Communication Skills

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Advantage of Verbal Communication Skills

Verbal Communication

Communication is play an important in public and corporate relations, also for some position there are essential to have a good verbal communication for example press secretaries sales person and for marketing related positions. Also a non-representative required some innovative idea to communicate with their stakeholder and other representatives of your organization. Most businessman and marketing managers are required to give a presentation to give demonstration on business matter. Design a new idea and give facts and figure and result. Verbal communication is also required to explain things to clients and other departments. So everyone required to learn some basic speaking that could benefit for you in the future and your professional life.

Verbal communication is effected on a number of ways and it is one of the most important interpersonal skills including non-verbal communication, listening skills and interpretation.

In verbal communication you should have focus on a clarity of speech, keep calm and listening other clear fully and always have a polite behavior during communication. You should consider all the basic rules of verbal communication

Why is Verbal Communication Important?

Verbal communication are used to inform, notify and transfer your idea and knowledge to other people. Clarity of sentence is the essence of verbal communication. We are becoming fluent when we are regularly practice on it. Verbal communication is very easy and help to convey your message and even resolve any dispute and misunderstanding.

Verbal communication is also used to correct the things that are going wrong. Words has more power than an action. Your single sentence can resolve even a big dispute when you say I am sorry and accept your mistakes. Verbal communication is also effective to encourage someone. People who have good verbal communication has lot of opportunities in his career like start a debate career, present creative thoughts and ideas, make new relation and maintain that relation. According to the Robert M. Krauss, he published in the article “The Psychology of Verbal Communication,” explain that, a human being depend on the capabilities that how they communicate effectively and what are the quality in social life that is to be consider to analysis that how and what it can be communicate.


Opening Communication

When we talk about interpersonal skills then, in communication the starting minutes of conversation are most important for you overall impression, as your first impression is the last impression and it has a great impact on the success of your future.

Every person set some goals and standards regarding the meetings process and other employee should have to behave according to that. If the standard of meeting will not match then communication may not be very effective and in some cases little negotiation is required to continue.

In the first meeting usually there are some formalities and a formal communication are need to expected, in formalities include a handshake, small introduction of yourself, have effective body language and dialog on casual topics which may include todays weather. Conducting a verbal communication with a smile on your face which indicate you enjoy that company and way to motivate your employee rather than a dull face.


Verbal communications are helpful and occur during office meetings when employee share their own creative thinking. In meeting you should have a clear purpose for conducting a meeting like a make any business decision, think new innovative ideas, proposed any new plan, finalize a company objectives and to know the current status of company. When any meeting start the responsible person use a verbal communication to explain the objective of that meeting and what we get at the end of this meeting. By talking with all the member, it is guarantee that a meeting should have relevant to each member. The manager or boss that assures that all members give their own opinion related to the meeting topic.

Presentations and Lectures

Verbal communication is also important for given a presentation in office or give some lecture in college or university; people design presentation to transfer their idea to the other people. All professional people may give a presentation on any new product, to describe company vision or certain strategy. They focus on the clarity of the message. Use bright language and sentence, give relevant example and use some visual aids in your presentation. Use clear, short and simple sentence to prevent from misunderstanding the concepts. Effective communication are done when presenter are allow to ask question, in this way two way communication are conducted.


People who conduct seminars and workshop are use verbal communication to direct and explain the task and responsibility of other member. Give a clear instruction to the group member, also an organizer give a good and positive experience to the member. Such as a leader explain the rules and task to play any game, discuss the scenario and how much time will be taken for each activity. So if a leader uses an effective verbal communication for guiding the participants to find goals, solve problems, make decision and discuss solution.


For communication there are two people are required for explaining any topic. Proper verbal communication is need during communication when a people discuss on important issue, time limit. For becoming a successful communicator you also need to have excellent listening skills that are what the next person said to you, it is important for face to face conversation. Do not fight during the communication but listen their own though as well. When the communication is on telephone then you need to pay more attention to listen the other member point.

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