Grandparents Fashion Trends That is back in 2018

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There are variety of chokers and it has changed its shapes and sizes over the time. Choker is a fitting necklace made of different materials like plastic, leather, gold or simply a cloth, it is worn around the neck. It is said that chokers are thousands of years old and it was worn by ancient Egyptian civilization. It has gained popularity and many popular superstars can be seen wearing them.


Grandparents Fashion Trends That is back in 2018

The Stunning Round Glasses

Few years back round shape glasses were considered to be dorky but recently it has gained popularity and people seems to love the old 90’s fashion of round glasses. According to an online shopping website, they have experienced an increase in the purchase of round shape glasses since few months.

Grandparents Fashion Trends That is back in 2018

The Bob Cut

Well, this never gets old. Over the time it has changed it shape and size of hair but it is still popular and working women still prefer bob cut because it is easy to manage and taken care of.


Denim Jacks

Denim jackets and shirts are back and you better start searching for one. I think everyone should have a denim jacket in their wardrobe, because you never know when you might need it. Denim or say Jeans jackets were introduced in USA back in 19th century they are worn by men and women and has been a symbol of fashion for a long time. It has changed its shape and color over the past few years but recently many superstars were seen wearing the old style and iconic blue color denim jackets.


Check Mate!

The flannel shirts are back with check patterns and there are so many varieties and colors that you can’t get enough of it. The beauty of check pattern shirt is you can wear it in various ways – short sleeves, long sleeves, with or without a t-shirt, there are countless experiments you can try with check pattern shirts and you will love it! There are online shopping stores dedicated purely to check pattern shirts, they provide countless variety of different colors and check pattern shirts.


Shoulder Pads

You won’t believe it if I say shoulder pads dates back to 1930’s. Yes! Back then and now there are used in men and women clothing to lift the shoulders. They were used for people with narrow shoulders to give them a broad and up right look. Recently, shoulder pads were seen in many fashion shows and runways. Many physical stores and online shopping websites are selling shoulder pads but the sales number are average which indicates that it is not accepted widely. 

Grandparents Fashion Trends That is back in 2018

Mixed Prints

Mixed print shirt were not common in the western world but in sub-continent it has been for years and holds significance in the fashion industry. The mix print t-shirts and shirts have gained popularity and many well-known brands have adopted it and made millions.

Grandparents Fashion Trends That is back in 2018

Neon, Eww

Not ewe anymore, the 90’s fashion is back and everyone is losing their minds over it. Once considered to be a fashion disaster is now adopted by everyone. Shoes, slippers, t-shirts, shirts, jeans and what not are now neon and no one seems to care. The flashy color can be seen in many fashion shows.


Let us know what you think about these trends.

Grandparents Fashion Trends That is back in 2018

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