How To Save Water And Why Should You?

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How To Save Water And Why Should You?

If you were born in the 1970s and 1980s, Mother Earth was fully green at least in India. Then came the rapid civilization and industrialization and now everywhere you find shortage of water and natural resources. As a responsible human being, it is your duty to save water and to leave a part of Mother Earth’s resources for the next generation. In this article, focus is given on saving the much needed asset of human life and other living beings on Earth, that is water.


If you take a look at the globe, then nearly seventy percent is covered in water, but at present, only a fraction is available for the human existence. You may live in urban cities such as Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad, and may get plenty of water (courtesy, water tankers and borewells), but the time is meant for efficient use. And it has been noted, a reduction in use of water will also decrease the electricity bill of your home.

The ways given in this article are easy and simple to implement in daily life. You may wash clothes or dishes, take a bath, shave or brush the teeth, or may be a garden, but there are ways to save water.

1. How To Save Water In The Bathroom

Fix the leaks - You may be a responsible householder, but mind the taps or leaks in the pipes. A small leak, it may be the form of a drop, but when collected over the hours can come to a entire bucket. Usually, it has been estimated that in a single area, nearly 11000 liters of water get wasted every day. If you do not fix the drip near the wall, chances are the fittings and places around may suffer damage.

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

Turn the tap off - You reside in a society, and follow the rules accordingly. You take a shave or brush your teeth every morning. But is it necessary to leave the tap open


while doing the activity? You can turn off the faucet after wetting the brush. You can turn it on when you need to rinse.

Turn the tap off - The world loses water more in this step. How many times in hotels, restaurants and in a party, we have left the tap loose to apply soap on our hands? Finally when our hands are cleaned, we turn around and give a smile to the person in the queue. But imagine, if one person uses 200 ml of water as waste, imagine for a party of 200 persons. Now imagine the entire globe, and you notice the amount of quality water getting lost unnecessarily.

Flush Toilets - No, do not close your mouth or nostrils. It has been noticed, that the older flush models use two to three times more water than the new in the market. Home improvement experts advise on the usage of dual flush toilets. You know the difference - liquid waste and solid waste.

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

Add a Faucet Aerator/Tap - If you want to make your home more nature friendly, consider the advice of an expert plumber. He will give you valuable tips on saving water. For example, if you add an aerator to the tap, then the addition of air to the water will make the flow more faster and consistent. You can easily install it; they are also inexpensive. Select a tap with aerator for your washroom/bathroom instead of one without aerators. You have a bath daily, but consider the duration. It is your personal time, but ensure that you reduce the duration of shower.

2. Saving Water In The Kitchen

Agreed, many of the water you may get in Government taps may be muddy or dirty, but consider the water purifier in your home. Do you use a RO water purifier? Then we need not tell you on the amount of wasted water. For one liter of water, you lose three liters. There are plenty of options to reuse the RO waste water if you check in the internet.

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3. Do You Wash Dishes By Hand?

It is the common practice in India to wash dishes by hand. But do not leave the water running for a long time. If the water comes only at certain time, then fill a large vessel with water for the rinsing purpose. You can check the amount of water saved during the process of scrubbing the dishes.

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

Do You Use Dishwasher? - It is advisable to read the instructions of the manufacturer before you load the dishwasher. By this method, you will avoid multiple running cycles and save water.

4. Refrigerator

Do you have a fridge? Do you use the appliance to store and prevent food from getting spoilt in the summer? Then do not soak it in warm water before cooking. Use the defrost option. But, yes, you need to have a plan as the defrosting option needs time. It does not get down to the required one in an instant.

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

5. Clean Fruits & Vegetables

If you need to clean the vegetables and fruits, instead of running the tap water over them, consider the other option. Fill a large bowl with water and take one spoon of table salt and gain a combination. Use the mixture to wash the vegetables. Want to save water? Do not throw the water and use the remaining H2O for watering the plants in the garden. No garden? Use the water to clean the verandah.

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

6. Washing Clothes

It is better to replace the old appliance (washing machine) with a trendy model that suits your home. Buy a high efficiency washing machine. Opt for the front loading option as it used less amount of water as well electricity.


Do you have a weekly plan for the wash? Do not make the mistake of using the washing machine just for two shirts and a pair of trousers. Ensure you use the entire laundry specified in the manual. And yes, always use the economy option.

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

There are some clothes such as jeans, track pants and jackets. They do not need a wash frequently. A better option of saving water, and also to preserve the garments. More washing in the machines will lead them to wear and tear.

7. Do You Have A Water Meter At Home?

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

A water meter helps in many ways. In fact, the best tool to reduce the water waste. The main reason, you have a record. Other ways, you will not know about the amount of water that goes to waste. And the most important part, it helps in detection of leaks. Take a reading, and close off all water flow. Take the reading again. If there is a difference, then you know there is a leak.

Overflow Water Every home, apartment  and commercial buildings in India have overhead tanks for water storage. And in some cities, drinking water and usable water comes only for two hours. So, in that time, the house owner puts the water tank switch. You have seen numerous times, of the water going waste when the tank becomes full. The overflow is stopped and thus you can save several litres of water by using the following methods -

How About A Float Valve? - considered as a simple inexpensive option. But an very effective equipment to stop the overflow of water. By this method, you can automatically stop the flow of water when it reaches the maximum level. Model best suited for tanks having normal water pressure. But yes, exercise the precaution, never use this method if you are using the water motor or pump to fill the tank.

Water Tank Overflow Alarm - For the households who use water pumps, there is the alarm option. An electronic device tiny in appearance, it gives alerts every time the water overflows from the tank. However, you have to close the water flow. The device does not close the water pump. The advantages of this simple device - saving water and also electricity. The reason, you switch off at the right time. Or else, the electricity will be working on the water pump.

Automatic Water Level Controller - The title conveys the meaning of the device. An electronic device to easily manage or control the level of water in the tank. It contains a electronic controller as well water level sensors. As per a normal device, the controller is wired to water pump/water motor, electric supply and sensors. When the water reaches the maximum level, the device can turn off the pump or motor. Do you think the above mentioned tips help save only water and electricity? No, the damage to roofs, walls and even pipes are the additional benefits.

8. Gardening and Plants

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

There are many who feel that garden requires water. Yes, but with adequate knowledge of home maintenance, you can keep the plants healthy. The gardening manual conveys that the watering should be done in morning or evening so that it does not evaporate. You should never water after the rains. Have knowledge of plants in your garden. There are some which require more water and some less. You can use the drip irrigation method in the red hot summer. If you have a large garden, connect a spray gun to the pipe to cover more area. If you live in a area where water supply is infrequent, then do not plant grass. The reason, it needs more water.

9. Car Wash

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

You can easily spray the car, but how about using a bucket? It may require more energy and patience, but you save considerable amount of water.

10. Backyard/Verandah

How To Save Water And Why Should You?

For the backyard or verandah, use the broom. Do not spray water. If the area still needs cleaning, use a mop or vaccum device.

11. Water Purifiers

Agreed, many of the water you may get in Government taps may be muddy or dirty, but consider the water purifier in your home. Do you use a RO water purifier? Then we need not tell you on the amount of wasted water. For one liter of water, you lose three liters. There are plenty of options to reuse the RO waste water if you check in the internet. You can use them for various purposes such as cleaning the verandah or backyard or in garden. But yes, a water purifier can be considered one of the important electronic appliances in your home, the reason it is connected to your health.


Let us imagine, you are a resident of Bangalore. You take good care of all the electronic appliances in your home. Now, in an unfortunate turn of events, the water purifier malfunctions which is a cause of worry. Although you get good quality of water, fear lurks in the mind regarding the health of your children. Five years ago, you were in Hyderabad, and have bought a water purifier. When it malfunctioned, you sought the service of a technician who has ample knowledge of ro water purifier service in Hyderabad. You hired him via a home services company. You have shifted to Bangalore two years ago and once again the device does not work properly. So, you are on the lookout for a qualified technician who can give the best RO water purifier service in Bangalore. And, you can easily hire one if you book a request with the home maintenance companies in Bangalore who provide quality service at the customer doorstep. You can also schedule the booking as per the convenience. On the scheduled day, the concerned technician will come and restore the device back to normal. Instead of searching for the best technician on established listings and referrals, you can try this easy method thus saving time, energy and money. Yes, the service is offered at affordable rates as per the market, but the cost also depends on the type of repair.

So did you go through the article? We have given only very simple tips. If you feel that we have missed a valuable one, feel free to drop a comment in the Reviews section.

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