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The potential held by Pakistan real estate and where the experts of Zameen see it in the future suggests that the estate agents, developers and construction companies too need to be prepared to capitalize on their presence in the industry. Many estate agents treat their property dealing business as a part time job where fishing a good deal is nothing more than an occasional treat. The situation is not going to remain the same anymore as many competitive estate agencies have stepped forward to exploitthe area that has been unexplored for decades. If, as an estate agent, you too wish to join the winning team of property dealers in Pakistan, this post can be of help.


Widen your contacts

For many Pakistanis, property buying, selling and renting is an on-going process. Establishing strong business contact with such people can mean an active presence in the property industry. When it comes to making investments where huge amount of money is involved, people prefer dealing through the estate agents they know personally. Courtesy and professionalism go a long way in winning you more of such clients. You must be vigilant to find and meet more potential clients and establish rapports with them.


Stay updated on everything concerning real estate

Although many people will agree that real estate business is slow and only a handful of developments dominate the industry but a lot is planned for the future. Having a closer look at the planned developments, their project details and how they would affect the surroundings gives you a better insight for predicting the future of certain localities. A lot of investors are always on the hunt to findproperties that can give them handsome returnsin terms of price appreciation. Staying updated about the industry will always keep your plate full with attractive offers.


Advertise in print media

Print media in Pakistan is among the best sources to promote real estate business as well as find serious buyers and sellers. Many real estate agents, independent buyers and reputed companies use this medium to find property buyers and sellers. It is also a fact that a property advertised in newspaper increases its chances of finding buyers/seller by many folds. In addition to that, the estate agency who represents the ad also gets its due share of promotion because an ad for the promotion of real estate agency itself does not always work.



Use the services of an online portal

Internet has made it way too simple for people to look for properties listed online. Because of internet, estate agents in many countries complain of having less visitors and more online enquires. If given due importance, conversion rates of online enquiries can increase. Since passive real estate has restrained people from showing interest in the market, internet seems to be the only way to learn about its current situation.


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The above mentioned tips are cost effective provided by and have proven to promote real estate business. By joining a reputable online portal alone, the real estate agents can get a chance to become savvy at effectively using internet for property dealings, which is expected to dominate the future of this industry in the coming few years.

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