Positano holiday villas, perfect journey in Amalfi Coast - Italy

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Positano holiday villas

Positano, another pearl on the Amalfi strand, is a seaward city resting within hills that lead down to the glittering coast. It boasts Roman origins and the accompanying legends and cultural legacy, and a broad expanse of sweeping views over vertiginous croppings of houses. Many visitors come and go, but making the most of Positano's rich ambiance is best achieved by selecting a long-term base from amongst the many excellent Positano holiday villas and apartments for rent. Apartments and villas, candy-hued and catering to your wildest dreams for a home setting, are yours for the asking - granting daily access to the acclaimed attributes of Positano: Sentiero degli Dei, Path of the Gods, a hiking route connecting Agerola, Praiano and Positano along hushed paths and stunning heights; Byzantine symbols like the Black Madonna at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (also noted for its dome consisting entirely of ceramic); ancient towers like "Torre Trasita" and "Torre Sponda” to remind the modern-day resident of Positano’s pirate-besieged past; and of course yards of artisan textiles (cotton, silk and linen) presented colorfully and creatively in the many boutiques open to your’ perusal.

Positano's past includes operating as a port of the Amalfi Republic in medieval times, which brought prosperous trade during the 15 and 1600's. Strangely, by the middle of the 1800's, this boom fell by the wayside, and the population dwindled excessively, with most of the city's inhabitants taking off for distant lands like Australia.

Poverty then defined Positano as it struggled to regain an identity and vibrancy, a hope fulfilled when tourists began to filter in - and then flock by the thousands - primarily after Positano's immortalization through writers like John Steinbeck.

Having been featured in several films, Positano continues with the region-wide involvement in the movie industry, which can hardly be a surprise given the incredible atmosphere and set-ready scenery. The city can also boast as being home-sweet-home (at least, for a little while!) for musicians like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Shawn Phillips.

Beyond the heritage and various artistic collaborations, Positano is now fully and firmly established in tourism, welcoming visitors from around the world who are eager to enjoy its myriad delights, including the ever-popular limoncello and "L'Albertissimo", an alcoholic curiosity ready and waiting at an unassuming stall located at Positano's main harbour. From snap-shot ready scenes to inviting stretches of sand like the Spiaggia Grande along Positano’s bay, this particular location is especially spectacular for its panoramic perspectives and tantalizing restaurant options. Southern Italian classics, including the ever-ready pizza slice and ice-cream cone, are an irresistible invitation to your tastebuds, and certainly can’t hurt your waistline as you stroll through your neighborhood streets.

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